voter confidenceConducted by Chaves County Clerk Sponsored by the Democratic and Republican Parties of Chaves County

August 24, 2022
Contact(s): Cindy Fuller, Chaves County Clerk (575) 624-6614
Sarah McArthur, DPCC, Chair (575) 317-0321
Eric Coll, RPCC, Chair (575) 626-9559
Voter Integrity/Confidence Exercise
Conducted by Chaves County Clerk
Sponsored by the Democratic and Republican
Parties of Chaves County.

On Saturday, September 17, 2022, from 10 a.m. to Noon, Cindy Fuller, the Chaves County Clerk, in conjunction with the Democrat and Republican Parties of Chaves County, will conduct a Voter Integrity/Confidence Exercise in the Bassett Auditorium of the Roswell Museum 1011 N Richardson Ave. in Roswell
The first 150 people who wish to participate may complete a ballot with several non-political questions. (Such as: best ice cream and best day of the week.) Anyone is welcome to attend. Volunteers from both parties will be on hand to teach “new” voters the process of completing ballots putting them in the machine.

Once all the ballots are completed and processed — or we reach 11:00 a.m., whichever arrives first — voting stops. Ballots will then be pulled from the secure bin in the voting machine. The process of tallying the votes will commence, to demonstrate that the machine count and that the ballot count match.
It is important to the County Clerk and both political parties that the highest degree of voter integrity is shown to our community. We believe Chaves County has had no cause for concern with regard to voting irregularities or inaccurate election results. As the bedrock of our democratic republic, all voting by citizens must have integrity and be free and fair. The freedom to choose our political leadership is something both parties hold as sacred. Given recent events, this joint  exercise of building trust through knowledge of the election and balloting process is a first step to focus our citizens and political parties on what we have in
common rather than focus on our differences.